Get paid with just your phone.

We won’t send you a ''free'' reader, we promise.

Really, no mPOS hardware!

We get it, card readers are no fun. They need to be carried around, they get misplaced, break or run out of battery. And they cost you more– one way or another!


xPressTap patented solution enables your customer to simply tap their Visa, MC or other contactless payment card directly to your smartphone. Let your customers— tap to pay and be on their way.

One App, that’s it.

Download the xPressTap app. It’s all you need to run your business— Take payments, handle inventory and processing, manage your teams and more.

No Reader = Better Pricing.

What a concept!
  • $0.00

    per month
  • $0 Signup Fee
  • $0 Hardware Fee
  • 2.25% +$0.15 per Card Tap*
  • 2.75% +$0.15 per Key in Card*
  • *Rates varies by market

Get started today!

Step 1: Download App

Securely download the xPressTap mPOS app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Register Merchant Account

Fill out the simple registration form and get approved in as little as 72 hours.

Step 3: Setup & Sell!

Set up the first user in the account, and optionally create a product list. You’re ready to sell!

The app.

Comprehensive features for all your mobile business needs.


Never lose or break a card reader again. Simply tap a Visa payWave or other contactless card to your NFC phone.

Secure Payments

Receive payments securely by cash, credit or debit cards, or mobile wallets*.

Product List

Manage your product catalogue in the app.

Multiple Users

Invite employees and keep track of their business activities.

Quotation / Invoice

Build quotes and invoice your customers on site. Take payments on the spot.

Issue Receipts

Email customized receipts.

Offline Payments

Continue to get paid while outside of internet coverage. Sync automatically when your
connection returns.


Did we mention no mPOS or card reader is needed?

* Support for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and other mobile wallets coming soon!

Get an extra layer of security.

Data Encryption

Your data is safe with xPressTap. All communication is encrypted with banking level security.

User Geolocation

Transactions are verified against fraud with the GPS locator. Any suspicious activities are flagged automatically.

Secured Login

Each team member gets their own set of unique login credentials. No more password sharing or other unsecure practices.


No inherited vulnerability from hardware tampering. Your customers can trust every transaction performed.