Turbocharge Checkout.

How it works.

With our online CardPresent™ technology, all the payment details are entered into the checkout screen with just a tap.

Eliminate hassle.

70% of eCommerce transactions are abandoned. Consumers despise fat fingers and long forms!

xPressTap enables your users to simply tap their Visa, MC or other contactless payment card directly to their smartphone to fly-thru checkout.

Turbocharge Checkout.

Let them tap, and watch your sales grow!

With two simple snippets of code, improve checkout speed tenfold to drive mobile app and mobile web sales.

Lockdown security.

We eliminate fraud from manual card entry.

Sensitive card information is encrypted and never stored.

Our patent pending CardPresent™ technology ensures a legitimate payment card is presented at each transaction.

Built for today’s merchants and developers.

Simple APIs and tools for you to get started.