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How will accepting xPressTap contactless payments benefit my business?

Contactless acceptance is proven to bring many benefits for merchants including:

  • Faster check-out
  • Promoting higher overall spending
  • Enables POS for mobile NFC and new digital payment devices
  • Compatible with all Android smartphones with NFC

What type of merchants can benefit the most from xPressTap contactless acceptance?

Contactless acceptance is an excellent choice for any merchant, especially in situations where speed and convenience are valued or where cash is currently the dominant payment method. Examples of merchants that would benefit from xPressTap contactless acceptance include the self-employed, food stands, pop-up businesses, delivery services, handyman services, fitness trainers, mobile sales representatives, and much more.

Is xPressTap secure?

Yes, xPressTap transactions are processed through the same financial payment networks that process billions of credit and debit card transactions each year.

xPressTap’s contactless security is designed to:

  1. Protect against counterfeit cards.
  2. Implement an efficient anti-replay mechanism for contactless transactions.
  3. Limit the impact of the fraudulent capture of contactless data by fraudsters across all environments.

Is it possible to make refunds to a contactless card?

Yes, the function is built into your xPressTap mPOS app.

Does contactless payment acceptance change the payment guarantee for the merchant?

Your business will be subjected to the same guarantee as other online payments, as lined out by your merchant bank. xPressTap simply provides the means to connect payment to your merchant account.

What are the costs involved?

$0 Signup Fee
$0 Monthly Fee
$0 Hardware Fee
2.0% +$0.15 per Card Tap
2.5% +$0.15 per Key in Cards

How does the payment verification process work for contactless?

The card first have to pass EMV specification to be read by the xPressTap app. If it passes all the handshakes and verification for its validity, its data will be encrypted and sent for processing at the payment gateway.

Once it reaches the payment gateway it’ll proceed as usual for its security measures and finally reaching your merchant bank account for its deposit.

How would a customer know that contactless payments can be made at a location?

Simply present your compatible mobile device with xPressTap to your customer, showing the contactless acceptance symbol. Like you would on a regular payment terminal, tap your customer’s payment card to your mobile device.

You may also take a payment out of data coverage area by using offline mode. Data will be stored temporarily on your mobile device, and will be transmitted and the local data will be deleted (for security purposes) once your device returns to data coverage area.

Does the merchant need to print a receipt for all contactless transactions?

If requested, the customer can provide his/her email address to have a receipt sent. Otherwise, a record will be kept in the system for later retrieval.

What is the transaction limit for contactless cards?

Our method of payment processing is not subjected to the typical contactless limits in respective markets. For example, the $100 transaction limit for contactless cards in Australia does not apply to xPressTap.

How does xPressTap contactless technology work for mobile devices?

xPressTap utilizes the EMV protocols, the payment industry standard created and maintained by leaders like Visa and MasterCard. NFC (Near Field Communication) developed and supported by mobile technology leaders around the globe.

We integrated those fantasic technologies with our patented technology to bring you the complete xPressTap solution. Now can you accept mobile payment without hardware, pay online without typing or saving credentials, and in the near future, perform secured peer to peer payments with just a tap of your payment card!



What do I need to do to get started?

All you need is

  1. An Android phone with NFC (Near-field communication). Most Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Sony smartphones from within the last few years have it, so you’re probably already holding one.
  2. A credit or debit card with PayWave, PayPass, or ExpressPay feature. Look for any of these symbols on the card contactless-wave
  3. Our Shopping App.
  4. Oh yeah, you’ll need an internet connection to shop online.

How will your app ensure security?

Our NFC contactless reading engine strictly adheres to current international EMV security standards. You’ll still need to enter the CVC/CVV 3 digit code found on the back of your card, so you won’t pay for something by accident. All your sensitive data is encrypted and never stored. With xPressTap, you don’t need to save your credit card numbers at the online store anymore. Hackers love to work on websites that keep a lot of credit card numbers. How many websites have your credit card numbers now? Scary thought, perhaps you should get a new contactless card and tap from here on out.

What?! You mean saving credit cards at websites isn’t safe?

That’s right. These websites store millions of credit cards, so why wouldn’t the bad guys be tempted? Data breaches aren’t a matter of “if” they happen, but “when” they happen. These are some of the latest data breaches with millions of stolen credit cards and identities.

So how is xPressTap helping? Now I’m scared…

For ease, most people like me had once trusted websites of big companies with our credit card info, thinking it’s safe with them. Then my bank calls me telling me my card got stolen, and I don’t even know which of the many online stores I’ve visited got breached. Now I can’t use the card for a week.

We won’t let that happen. Now, online payment is as easy as a tap of your card. You don’t need to store your credit card with websites, who are all susceptible to compromise.

You say that the app will make shopping at websites easier on your smartphone. Will this work on ALL shopping websites?

During our beta, our app will work with our participating merchants. Soon thereafter, we will open it up to all shopping websites and apps.

What if I don’t have a contactless card?

If you’re due for a replacement card soon, chances are the bank is sending you one already. If not, you can ask your bank.

Will this work for iPhone?

Not at this time; the iPhone’s NFC hasn’t opened up for 3rd party development at this time. Tell Apple CEO (Tweet @tim_cook) you want xPressTap on iPhone. =)

Will this work for Windows Phone?

Windows Phone support is in our plans. If you and your Windows Phone friends are interested, join our mailing list

Will this work for all Android Smartphones?

You need an Android smartphone with NFC (Near-field communication) capability. Most Android smartphones these days have it, so if you bought your phone within the last few years from a major carrier, you’re probably good to go. You can check your current phone in the ‘Settings’ -> ‘Connections’ screen.

Go here for a list of NFC enabled smartphones:

How does xPressTap get my shipping and address details? How does it remember them?

Magic? Nope. You enter your shipping and address information once when you first use the app. It is kept locally on your phone only, not with us. It’s 100% safe as long as your phone is safe. Your privacy is your business. If you’re sharing your private info, there better be a good reason.

What about my Credit Card information?

Nobody, and we mean nobody should store your credit card information. Not even us. Not even your phone. Your credit card belongs to you; not some software, not a phone, and definitely not some online server waiting to be hacked.

How does the transaction work on the shopping website?

Not much has changed. We just took out the frustrating work of manually typing everything in, making it instant and automatic with just a tap. Online stores get your shipping information for that one transaction, and your payment information goes through the payment processor. Because it’s not required to sit on their servers, your information is now safer. Don’t give them permission to store it in their servers to tempt those crafty hackers.

Do you charge anything for the app? Do you charge any transaction fees?

Our app is completely free. We believe that ease and security shouldn’t be a zero sum game. We want to share our solution with the world and eliminate the frustration of manually entering your shipping and payment info, and the probability that hackers will steal data you have stored at any one of hundreds of servers.

Seriously, how do you guys make any money?

With your support, we’ll have more merchants licensing our technology to enhance your security, and protect themselves from credit card fraud. With our patent pending online CardPresent™ technology, each tap proves that a legitimate payment card is presented at each transaction. When fraudsters cannot manipulate the payment and shipping details with illegally obtained data, merchants can stop fraud dead in its tracks. With lower costs for merchants, safer and lower prices for you, and licensing fees with xPressTap, everybody wins.

Is this available everywhere in the world?

We will launch first in Australia, Canada, and UK. Then launch in other parts of the world soon after.