Merchant Payment Solutions   


                                                      xPressTap eliminates the need for hardware, a card reader or manual entry

  It’s Simple.     It’s Safe.     It’s available wherever you are.

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With xPressTap, merchants are free from the cost, maintenance and hassle of toting around a separate mPOS reader and need only their smartphone or tablet.  

The xPressTap app provides sellers and merchants with a turnkey, PCI-DSS compliant commerce and payment solution including:

  • A merchant gateway

  • Rapid merchant account set-up

  • Inventory management

  • Product library management 

  • Digital receipts and performance reporting.


  • GRAPHS –


xPressTap’s Micro Merchant Solutions can help:

  • Customers can pay with just a “Tap”

  • Accepts All Network Cards

  • Accepts Phone-to-Phone payments.  

    xPressTap is svailable on all Androids.  iOS coming soon.